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A history spanning over 50 years!

Honey Bee La Colmena is a clean, brightly lit store that sells a full selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, seafood and delicatessen goods, a wide range of supermarket staples, including canned and frozen goods, and a large selection of Central American ingredients. Honey Bee opened in 1956 and was founded by Geraldo Alfaro. It was later taken over by his sons and in 1996 was purchased by part of the third generation in the family, Ken Koehler and Tammy Alfaro-Koehler. 

The name Honey Bee La Colmena has a special meaning, Honey Bee represnts the customers and La Colmena is the hive (store) where the bees gather. The store makes and sells 30,000 pounds of chorizo (spicy Mexican sausage) a year, it's bestselling product made from a secret family recipe. Thus, the slogan was made "Wake up, and smell the chorizo".

The store has recently been expanded from a 4,000 square foot to a 15,000 square foot supermarket with an adjacent parking lot. Honey Bee Market is dedicated to bringing you the best in quality products and customer service. Honey Bee Market would like to thank all of it's loyal customers for their support to continue the legacy that started over 50 years ago.

 Honeybee Family


Voted "Most Fun At A Grocery Store" by the Metro Times